WCR has a full-time integrated acquisitions team focused on sourcing, evaluating, financing and completing new acquisitions. The majority of business, industry and financial due diligence is performed in-house. You can learn more about our investment criteria here. If you have an opportunity which you believe might be of interest to WCR, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

By virtue of being a publicly traded holding company, Western Capital Resources is a long-term investor with patient capital. Unlike private equity funds, we do not have restrictive holding periods for our investments, and we seek to build long-term value for our shareholders.

WCR employs a full time operating team at the holding company level. The operating team oversees existing subsidiaries and helps transition and integrate new acquisitions into the WCR family of businesses. In transactions where no management comes with the deal, this operating team can run a business on a temporary basis, until permanent management is put in place. This gives WCR tremendous flexibility on the types of situations it can get involved in.

WCR has extensive experience operating multi-unit businesses, and as a result has developed robust proprietary systems to get accurate real-time reporting from geographically dispersed locations. This allows WCR and its subsidiaries to react quickly to complex business situations and make real-time critical business decisions based on reliable data.